We go through life with protective shields, security blankets, and we think that we are preventing ourselves from getting hurt or something potentially going wrong. Yet, what we are doing is preventing anything at all from happening, good or bad. We become so untrustworthy of society, we no longer acknowledge the value in trusting someone and what it means for them to trust us. 
We sit there scrutinizing each other, having a sense of entitlement, as if others owe it to us to prove themselves. We do this to ‘protect’ ourselves, for it is the only way for us to gauge whether or not we can let them in. But, have you ever thought of the other side? Reverse it: They sit there scrutinizing us, having that sense of entitlement, as if we owe it to them to prove ourselves. WHY? Because they too have their own security blankets, their own stories. But yet, we sit there wondering who they think they are thinking so highly of themselves to feel so entitled. Beautiful mess.
Unless, one is willing to rid themselves of these security blankets, we will always be holding ourselves back. There is no truth in matters of society, there is just understanding. For we all have our own stories, reasons and justifications for acting the way in which we do. The beauty of life comes from understanding the perspective of others, so that we can grow into something great, something stable. It is okay to get hurt, it means you are doing something right. You are pushing your boundaries, and opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

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