We often live life as if we are the only ones that matter, we make it all about us. We think that we are the only ones that are busy, that have a lot going, that have been through so much, the list goes on. We fail to acknowledge that the same goes for everyone else, everybody has something; no better, no worst; no more, no less. For it is all relative to their perspective and that is the beauty of humanity. We often neglect to see that beauty, because we are too busy making life about us.

It is not about you; life is about so much more, than you. It is about who you are as human being, who you are for those around you. We get so caught up in our life, so consumed by our own goals, priorities, routines, etc., we forget who we need to be for someone else. Why? Because we limit ourselves, we tell ourselves that we are too busy, have a lot going on and can’t do it. Why is it that we set limitations for ourselves? Why is it that others are doing it, while we are not? Remember, everyone is going through something; no better, no worst; no more, no less. So why is it that we limit ourselves? Furthermore, why do we do it at the cost of others?

It is almost as if we have this misconception that focusing on ourselves and our life, requires us to disregard who we need to be for those around us. And, like everything there are two sides: one side we are selfish and on the other, we fail to acknowledge how significant we are to those around us. The former doesn’t allow room for growth, for nothing can be accomplished alone; the latter, underestimates how valuable we truly are to those around us; and, neither one is preferable. Yet, we constantly do this! So, could it just be that we really don’t care about how significant we are? Or maybe we doubt it?

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