We often sit there wondering why people question or doubt us, and it’s because we don’t follow through with the things we say. Would you believe you? Of course not! The thing is that we give up so easily, we let pride get the best of us. We rather opt out, than take the risk of ‘failing’, so to say. But, it’s not a failure if you try and it doesn’t work out, it’s only a failure when you have given up. We think that by opting out we can’t be held accountable for the outcome, WRONG! We are totally accountable if we opt out, more so than if we were to have taken the risk.

Think about it. You set out to do something, you gave your word, whether it be in life, work or love. The beginning is smooth, there is so much drive and motivation, then something happens. Something throws you off and fear starts creeping in. So, you opt out, walking away without really giving it all that you got. Not only did you opt out of something you gave your word too, you are unsatisfied with the outcome, and yet not doing anything to change it.
If we have no intention of actually pursing the things that we say, then why even say them? It is so unnecessary, such a waste of time and energy. What is the point in putting something out into the universe that we have no intent on fulfilling? Its pointless. And we do this time and time again, then expect people to take our word, but how could they if they see no action. Let’s face it, if we really want something, we will most definitely find a way to get it one way or another. So, why people don’t believe us at times is simply due to the inconsistency between what we say and what we do. Once we start doing more of what say everything changes, doubt and resistance begin to fade away.

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