There are so many things that we seek in life and we do all the necessary motions to best ensure that we manifest them, yet it can sometimes feel that we are at a stand still. But, are we really at a stand still or doubting? Doubting whether or not our actions will in fact produce the results that we so long for. Or worried? Worried that maybe things won’t work out. It can be so difficult to trust our journey at times. So, what do we do? Avoid. Avoid thinking and just keep busy. But, what happens when we stop? The thoughts will always be there, it’s the way in which we deal with them that matter most. We can allow them to overpower us or we can choose an alternative way to deal with them.

If we allow our thoughts to consume us, it becomes so difficult to act, and when there is a hesitation on acting, nothing gets accomplished. Therefore, we prove ourselves right. But, note we were only right due to our own doubts and worries, not due to failure. We never tried, we stopped before even starting and we will never really know whether or not we would have actually succeeded.

The alternative is to find a way to acknowledge the doubts and worries while still pushing forward aside from our fear of failure. The answer is not in ignoring our thoughts or avoiding ourselves by keeping busy. That’s just running away, and most of the time the vary thing we are running away from is the vary thing we need most -ourselves. Trust within ourselves, knowing that we got this regardless of the outcome. It is hard, trust, very hard, but it’s through actually being with ourselves, completely present to all that surrounds us and all that is within us, that offers us any sort of peace of mind. The problem is we think peace of mind is found externally, in objects, people and/or things, when in actuality it is found in us. We hold all the answers, it merely comes down to whether or not we trust ourselves enough to make the right decisions aside from the outcome.

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