Let’s talk pampering, I mean real class pampering. Because let’s face it, we work so hard and deserve to treat ourselves to some extra TLC every now and again; whether it be getting your nails done, new lashes or changing up your hair, there is always that urge to change it up and refresh ourselves. Many times we don’t get enough of it or truly appreciate those moments. When it comes to nails, many of us bounce from one place to the next; usually it is because no real connection is established, you are just seen as another set of nails in majority of nail spas. The thing is by not establishing a relationship, we not truly appreciating the experience -the pampering aspect, the extra TLC you are receiving. It almost loses value, it now becomes a choir -a task that has to be worked into your schedule.

I have been that person that bounces around, place to place for convenience purposes. But, then I found this hidden gem Dazzle Nailspa, it is located uptown at 1027 Finch Ave W. I was introduced to this place when a business partner of mine suggested it as a venue for one of my events and I immediately fell in love the moment I walked in. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, it is in a plaza with a Mandarin, Russian Banquet Hall, Subway and convenience store, so I mean it when I say it is a hidden gem. Everything from the staff to the amenities available to the service is incredible.

The owner, Ann Tran is consistently developing the venue along with the services. As a business woman, she seeks opportunity in everything; she is a big vision kind of women that is constantly looking for ways to perfect what already has been perfected. She is always looking for ways to improve and grow the spa. She has embraced the entire venue to really offer clients a spa like atmosphere, rather than just an average nail salon. Dazzle Nailspa offers a full service kitchen that is available on request, along with a pool and sauna. That’s not even half of it, I have yet to talk about the decor, which is impeccable. Everything from the classic wingback studded chairs to the crystal glass chandelior to pearl white loveseat in the waiting area screams nothing but elegance and luxury.

All staff is professionally trained and constantly expanding their knowledge and skills. Ann Tran offers her staff the opportunity to strengthen their skills and develop new ones by participating in house training session instructed by experts in the field. Furthermore, she has adopted an opened concept all around, venue and staff. The atmosphere she has created among her staff is incredible, they are like a family, so much appreciation, love and respect for one and other. She has illustrated the importance and value in developing relationships, not only among staff but also with clients, creating such a welcoming environment for everyone involved. It is so welcoming, it is like hanging out with friends while getting pampered.

From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with opened arms; the staff took to time to show me the entire space and explain all the services available. In addition, they made it a point to develop a relationship, asking questions about me, likes and dislikes, and so on; changing the whole dynamic of the experience, it made it about me rather than a simple exchange of money for services. By taking the time to understand my daily routine along with my concerns they were able to suggest options and choices that best suited me, my personality along with my lifestyle. Because let’s face it, nail decisions can be difficult -nail shape, colour, style, polish type; but when they know you and are experts in their field they can provide you with optimal choices to make a decision. And, if you aren’t one of those people that has difficulty making choices you will be, as Dazzle Nailspa has nothing but an array of options; over 200 shellac colours, over 150 nail polish colours, chrome, jewels, free hand art and fairy dust. They are consistently keeping up with new and fashionable trends in the nail art world.

Although Dazzle is categorized as a nail spa, they don’t just do nails; they offer waxing, facials, lashes, make-up and hair services. The spa is consistently implementing new services and products into the spa, there will soon be yoga classes offered along with online shopping site for quality beauty products. The spa also offers group reservations for private parties, going above and beyond in making events as special and memorable as possible, providing not only full service kitchen but also full service bar. Roses individually selected from Rosarium, one of the city’s top florist, to ensure the most perfect signature pedicure possible. As a downtown girl, I’m more than willing to take the commute to Dazzle, passing by over 80 nail salons on my way, for the overall one of a kind treatment -special experience; one that is meaningful and unforgettable.

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