You know those days where you are stuck in your head, thoughts just pouring in and no way to stop them. Those times that you need to soak in everything, taking it all in as it is, stepping back and making sense of it all. Everything happening before your eyes, and all you can do is try to understand your place in it all, for everything always moves so quickly, so many twists and turns, ups and downs – you call it progress, but yet you ask yourself is it really? 

For in those moments it is as though, so much is happening, and yet nothing at all; so much changes, and yet nothing ever really does; so much noise, and yet none at all. You sit there questioning… Where do you fit in all of it? Have you progressed? Has anything really changed? For you can not say nothing has changed, because there so much that has – or has it just been a change in the background? As if it is the same play with the same characters in the same scenario just in a different setting – a different timeline. And if that is the case, then again the question remains, has anything really changed? Has progress simply been disguised as consistent chaos? 

Almost as if one solution leads to another problem, a problem the same as the last in a different mask. It is almost as if we focus so much on the appearance of change as the meaning of progression neglecting to see what remains the same in every scenario. For progression requires not only change in appearance, but change in all its constituents. Therefore, the question that needs to be answered is, what is it that remains the same? For then, and only then, can we come to know our place in it all, which is the beginning to true progression.

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