Time is everything yet nothing; it cannot be seen, touched or felt, yet it is so valuable, so precious. It is limitless in essence -in form, yet limited to our existence. So, why is it that so many of us take it for granted? So many of us neglect to acknowledge just how precious time really is; rather than making the most out of it, we either share it freely or not at all, neither of which result in anything of value. It offers nothing if you don’t value it as such; in the former, time is meaningless, for it is given so freely given it loses value; in the latter, time is undervalued, for it is not offered in the slightest way to create anything. In both cases, time is discreditted, failing to create something worth meaning. Most importantly, when we devalue our time, we devalue the time of others. For we may not see it as significant, while in fact it is the vary thing that defines who we are and the things we care about.

Think of time from an investor point of view, think of it the same way you think of money, for just like money, time can be invested in many things -people, education, career, hobbies, etc., now take the definition of ROI (the benefit(s) one receives as a result of an investment). Would you invest money into something that offers little or no return on investment? No, right?! The whole purpose of an investment is the potential for growth, for value. So then, why invest time into something that offers you next to nothing or nothing at all? It could be, because you have belief in it, but belief only goes so far. We can offer our time, like we can offer our money, but if nothing is coming of it, then what is that purpose? So, why invest time into things that are not offering anything worth meaning, anything worth value? Why not invest it into something with which you can create something of value, something meaningful? Would you not rather invest money into something that offers some or high return on investment? Yes, right?! For it would be irrational to continue investing money into something that offers nothing, just as it would be irrational to continue investing time into something that is giving you nothing in return.

The thing is time is much more precious than money; money can be made, it can be replaced, time can never -it is irreplaceable, which is what makes it so valuable, so significant. Time can offer us nothing or everything, and how we invest our time speaks volumes on who we are and the things we care about. For someone can be the busiest of people and still find time for the things they truly care about, and the same hold true of the opposite, for someone can have all the time in the world and never find the time to do things. It comes down to what one truly cares about, what you actually want. Take a moment to evaluate how you invest your time? Who you invest your time in? Why you invest your time? What does it offer you? What does it withhold from you? For it takes nothing and means everything. Therefore, appreciate it when it is offered and offer it when it is needed.

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