We are often extremely self-conscious when taking action on certain situations in life. In my YouTube video, Perfectly Imperfect, I touch based on exactly that, how we hold ourselves back because we think everything must be perfect or it must be a certain way. And, the thing is nothing there is no perfect or of a particular way. Furthermore, what is perfect? There is no such thing, there is simply the strive toward perfection. Stop striving for perfection before the fact -just do it, the beauty is in the mistakes -that’s where all the juice is, it is where and how you grow into the person you were meant to become. It is not suppose to be perfect or easy, it is not suppose to look a certain way or be a certain way, because there is no certain way. Things are as they are, a mere perception of our understanding relative to who we are. In other words, nothing could ever be fully understood entirely in the exact same way by two distinct beings, we understand the world solely from our viewpoint; and, what may be imperfect to you, may be perfect for someone else. There is no one universal understanding of anything, things are what we make of it, if we accept imperfectability in our actions and ourselves, while continuing to strive for perfection beautiful things happen. We just have to embrace the fears, doubts, worries, mistakes, disregard the expections of things looking a certain way and just go with it, even if you fall, even if it takes more out of you than ever before, continue going, because it isn’t about what it looks like now, it’s about what it is going to look like later.


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