The happinest of people are often the saddiest of souls, why? Because as I mentioned in my YouTube video, What Does It Take To Be Happy, happiness is something we have to work for each and everyday, it is a commitment that we make to ourselves. What makes it so difficult is the fact that there is so much around us that impacts us and can easily overwhelm us with emotions. Our perception of things -our world- can literally change in the blink of an eye, the key is holding it together, because not all wounds heal over night. There are wounds that take years to heal and there are wounds that may forever be opened -some you are too fearful to close and others you have no idea how too, that what makes happiest difficult. Because, the thing is, it is easy to become consumed by the hurt, the pain, the shock, the disappointment, in the things that happen or those that are in or have been allowed in, the difficult part is putting a smile on your face each and every day no matter how much it impacts you, how much it affects you, how much it hurts you. It is almost as if it is a shield, a mask hiding everything that is for everything it ought to be, it is a battle that goes unnoticed -unseen, unheard. And, at times it can be the loneliest of processes, for there are times you need to break -times you need to expose your vulnerabilities without judgment, but you can’t, because you are so fearful of the emotions it may bring about or the fact that things may never change even after they have been expressed, so you smile as if nothing affects you, yet it affects your soul at its vary core.

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