Alright! I’m going to keep this super lax, conversational, at times diving deep and others just slimming the surface. There will be moments your mouth will drop, others that will bring you smiles.  The purpose of this story is to share some real life events with you, growing up in a broken home, while trying to find your place in the chaos of it at; while, at the same time being the black sheep, outcasted for staying true to who you are, rather than who you’re supposed to be. It also allows to better understand my character -my principles, my morals, my code of ethics even in the darkest of places; moments that I didn’t even recognize who I was. 

Moments of emptiness, almost soulless -numb. Numb to everything around me, but still very much aware. I was caught in a world that exposed me to things, things which were perfect examples of everything I didn’t want; yet, it was unavoidable and at times so incredibly irresistible. I want start by telling you the story about what changed everything for me. At point in my life, where numbing was the only way to cope and move forward.  There were no rules, just freedom… it was great, but everything comes at a cost…

Part 2 >>

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