Shit Got Real – Pt. 9

I did a lot of stupid shit, because I didn’t care, I was reckless like I said, the only thing I wanted was to forget everything -to numb. And, I won’t into details or share any crazy stories just yet, because this story isn’t about that, this story is about something much bigger… so, let’s back back to it… A lot happened, stupid, crazy, ridiculous, unbelieveable moments, and then, it all came crashing down, everything revealed itself… shit got real…My parents found out.

How? I’ll paint the picture for you.

It was a Saturday night, me and my friend just came back from a club it was roughly 2am. We walk up my stairs to find the lights on and my parents waiting in the living room -horrifying. And as we opened the door and walked in, the first thing ottered was “sit down”. Probably the scariest words you could ever here from a parent, especially ones that don’t talk about anything… I knew shit was real at that moment. And so, the conversation begins… They found a sniffer (something I had bought in Amsterdam), and it of course had blow in it.

So, there goes the non-stop questions… or should I say interrogation. Both me and my friend got separated, each individually asked the same questions in confidence without the other present, it was intense. The thing is you can only keep a front for so long, the truth comes out eventually and that point you have a decision, deny or admit…


To be continued…

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