And so began the experimentation..

I revisited the whole scene, the drug scene, but it was different this time around. It was no longer a habit the way it had been, it was strategic. I had to be cautious so no one would notice. The numbing subsided to weekends, but it was ‘go hard, or home’, in other words anything and everything goes.. I was relentless.

And, rather than just cocaine and alcohol, ecstasy came into the picture… now talk about an escape. 

The thing was, once ecstasy came into the picture, it changed the whole dynamic. It was partying like never before, I would disappear, escape to a whole new world that I knew never knew existed… it was liquid G, K, M, E… Literally, there was a drug for every letter of the alphabet.. it was insanity! I don’t know… maybe I was very sheltered, but like… who would have thought or known?! There so many drugs out there, it’s cray cray! And once, you open that door… you open that door…

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