I have so many questions… questions upon questions upon questions, most of which I’ll never know the answer too. They will forever go unanswered, for some answers are never known for certain, rather they are understood in terms of your perspective – our perspective on life.

See, the thing is, we all have been through something. Big or small, life changing or not, whatever it may be it’s something. And, it most always leaves you with so many unanswered questions. And, the thing is, even if ask or you search to find to discover, you still will never know. Because, these questions are ones with answers that can’t be proven, only understood, and even then, some things can never be understood, they can be explained over and over, yet you still can’t seem grasp it. It’s almost as if some things are so irrational, illogical, to the point that your mind doesn’t know where to begin to even attempt to comprehend.

Interesting… how the world can make you wonder… how people can make you wonder. There are days I sit with myself, asking question after question after question, trying decipher, what it really is, who people really are, what it all means… most importantly, why…. The big fat ‘WHY?’ The ‘why’ that no matter how hard you try to understand, no matter what conclusions, or should I say assumptions, you will never know… even if you asked. There is so much room for doubt. For in the end, the final question is, do we ever really know anything as such for certain? I think not, for everything is a presumption.

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