Have you ever met someone just as good as you? Just as good at hiding the truth, putting on a mask and telling a story. Someone just as good at catching all the plays, yet acting as though nothing registered. For they are just as good at knowing everything, yet knowing nothing. Someone just as good at playing the role when necessary, giving Oscar winning performances, selling the dream with a sparkle in their eye. Sounds messed up… just another side of me.

Don’t get it twisted, I’m a genuine person, and only when I sense a vibe does that side come out. And, that in itself is interesting… the fact that certain people can bring very distinctive sides of us out, parts of us that we don’t necessarily want to invoke, but it happens. sometimes we don’t even see it happening until it happens. And, it can be so destructive for so many reasons. Because, as must as you both challenge one and other, it becomes a game…

For you never know what it really is.. you never know what it is really all about. Everything is questionable… your character just as much as theirs. Because you see, in such a dynamic it becomes a competition, as to who can fool, out smart, the other. And, should you not want to fool or out smart the other, you yourself don’t want to be fooled… and with such character it is highly probable. That’s how it begins.

It turns into a game… a dangerous game, one where neither of you could distinguish between what is a lie and what is true. It leaves you both always questioning, never fullying trusting, because even if you aren’t fooling them, they might be fooling you… and that is worst than anything. And, even though you are aware of the risks, you can’t help it, you understand one and other on a different level, to a different degree, there is a connection there. It is almost as if you met your equal in some degree, in a more twisted kind of way, the both of you challenge each other and know exactly how to read one and other…. or do you?! Like I said, the whole thing is one big question mark. It is constant battle between what is real vs. what isn’t, and although everything is questionable, there are things you know for certain… things that are undeniable. The both of you are 100% completely relatable and for that reason there is so much love between the two of you, there is a deeper understanding of the darker side in one and other, while being completely immersed in each other’s love… such passion, such intensity.

Crazy about each other, yet you can rip each other’s throats out… kind of hot, but so destructive. There was no trust and because both of you are at such a sensitive point in your lives the stakes are high. Both of you have fallen so hard, recovering after being hit by a tsunami, and in verge of a coming up, but only if played right. The things is both of you are too very dominant characters (partially aggressive under the surface), and the best way to describe it is to think of, the starting of a fire, the friction between two pieces of wood causing sparks, the crackle in the wood as it burns, sparks flying and if they touch you.. you get burned, yet neither of you can resist the frames. It was dangerous… constantly driving each other crazy.

You loved one and other, but there were moments you could see the dishonesty on each other’s eyes, all it took was a look, which would cause friction… build up… it would cause you to act with the same dishonest way. But, rather than hurting one and other directly, you would only bring harm upon yourself, indirectly hurting the other person. Yet, on the other hand, you help one and other, when guards were down, both of you were in bliss, completely opened with each other, you were there for each other through anything and everything -no matter what. It was all such a twisted game. At times, you purposely piss each other off just to get a rise… partially to get the rise, majority of the time it is to enjoy consequences… I’ll let you figure that one out. It was just too good… too good to be true. So good… it may not have even happened…

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