bad trip - numb pt. 21

Bad Trip – Numb Pt. 21

We walked and we talked. It was good, but it was a hell of a trip… a bad one. I saw my world caving in on me. My life flashed right before my eyes. Yes, I was in another galaxy, but that wasn’t why. It was something much different, for I was still very much aware. No words can explain that moment. It was surreal. 

As if, I was instantly hit with the truth, with the reality of everything and my soul was screaming for help. As if, my subconscious was looking for an opportunity and the universe heard it, offer it and I just had to seize the moment.

And that was when I looked at my mom and the decision was made. And, just like that I was relentless, having the same eagerness to feel as I once had to numb. The decision was made… I was done!

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