We allow things to affect, bother and rattle our brains, because we become so attached to the outcome. We want something so bad, that we actually self-sabotage, because we doubt ourselves. We make assumptions based on our own insecurities and project them on others, as though they are actual facts. Almost like a bunch of mind readers, or at least we think we are, because we assume that we know the way others feel, perceive or judge us. Kind of sounds ridiculous, when you actually think about it, it’s hold more truth then we think. We are all notorious for self-sabotage. We get in our heads and a little voice starts talking, whispering everything but the positive, rattling our brains over it and formulating conclusions, yet in actuality we know nothing of what we assume. But, don’t kid ourself, this is not to say that the opposite doesn’t occur. There are moments where we can get in our head and that little voice starts whispering everything but the negative, almost too good to be true, so what happens we self-sabotage yet again. Why? Because we begin to base our actions on these so call ‘truths’. The only thing we can do is surrender, at times it may seem as though we have given up, but surrendering to the universe gives us freedom. Freedom from our thoughts, from that little voice talking nonsense. When we surrender, we allow things to flow organically; silencing the little voice and acting on what is, rather than what is not. And, instead of attributing truth to things we know nothing of, we must invest in becoming present to what it is, which is simply what it is – nothing more, nothing less – just IT in its most rawest form.

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