Consequences – Pt. 22

As I said, I was done. And, it didn’t matter the consequences, I had a way out and I had to take it. And, I was willing to accept everything that came with that decision. It was going to be ugly… it was going to be a rough road, but again, it was an opportunity, an opportunity at something different. And, you better believe it was going to take something different, something more… it wasn’t going to be easy.

And so, looked at my mom and told her to call the ambulance… And, within minutes I was on my way to the hospital. It was the greatest feeling ever… it was such a release, but came with consequences.

Yes, the ambulance came and so did the police, and it ‘did and didn’t’ help that the CZ got busted that same weekend. It led to questions, but given my condition it was easily deferred. The whole way to the hospital I was questioned and the minute they asked me if I had anything on me, I handed them a Skittles pack filled with E, call me crazy… But, like I said I was relentless. I was done, the decision had been made and there was no turning back, regardless of what came next…


To be continued..

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