Mind Rattlers

There are three types of people on lives: the passer-byers, the ones that teach us lessons, and then the ones that stay. The passer-byers is pretty much self-explanatory, they are the background noise, the ones that are friends of friends, or old colleagues, or school mates, individuals that you don’t have much of a relationship with, well at least not a deep one, it’s kind of on the surface acquaintance -a friend from afar.  Then, we have the ones that teach us lessons, they are the ones that either we learn from their mistakes or they are our mistakes (haha), meaning that we end up being the ones affected by whatever events came about. Finally, we have the ones that stay, and well not much to say about those ones, they stayed, they are the ones you grow with, you learn lessons together with, and from one and other, they are ones you are able to connect with, have a deeper understanding.

Now I want you to keep in mind that I’m not referring solely to partnered sort of relationships, I’m referring to every and any kind of relationship, even family members. Because, here is the thing, the relationships and people we allow in, say a lot about who we are as individuals, the people we chose to spend our time with, the people we share ourselves with, says more about us than we could ever imagine. There is always a reason why we allow certain people in and others not, and it has more to do with who we are as individuals than who they are. Majority of the time we let people in with the intention is something more than what’s on the surface, a different level of understanding and connection -whether it be a romantic or platonic relationship, nonetheless something more than just small talk. And, we allow people in for different reasons, we may like one thing about a person and despise everything else or what we like in one person we may not like in another person. It’s interesting how we pick and choice the relationships we hold onto, for they all play a role in who we are and why. Some people we keep close because they help us, guide us and mentor us, while others are there to remind us of who we don’t want to be which, sometimes is also a case of wanting to help, guide and mentor them. In end everyone and everything plays a role.

But, here is the but, what happens when you can’t figure out if they were meant to stay or teach you a lesson? Almost as if there is still a part of you with them, you can’t close the chapter yet, because you have no idea what you’re closing it on. For it is easy to close the chapter on when you know what it is, but when you’re still questioning, still wondering… for it seemed as though they were meant to stay and it didn’t work out like that, so the only next thing it to figure out why, but you can’t seem to figure out the lesson, the purpose as to why they came into your life. These people are the mind rattlers, mind bogglers, the ones the leave a stain in your soul, and not in a bad way, rather in a way that you can’t understand what purpose they served. And, no matter how much we try and figure it out, we can’t seem to find the answer, and the only thing we can do is come to terms with not knowing, for we may not understand it all at the moment, the thing is, the universe has a way of revealing truth to us when the time is right. And, there is a slight chance that you may never know the answer, and we have to be okay with that, it’s hard believe me. Because, there will always be so many unanswered questions, that no matter how hard we search for the answers, we may never find them. So, we must be patient, and see where the road leads.

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