Don’t Even Try – Pt. 23

So there I was at the ER under arrest being interrogated. The cops continued interrogating me regardless of my condition, which was somewhat interesting, as they would ask questions and I would totally fucked with them. Ehh, if you are going to try and advantage of my state of mind, you better believe I’m going to play on that. Because as much as I was pretty messed up, I still was very much aware of what was going on.

They were so determined to find answers at any cost, especially given the drug bust that weekend, so they were on a hunt. And, given what I had handed over, they had enough to question intent… Who was my source? They pushed and digged for answers, they tried to take full advantage thinking that my condition would make me likely to rat, thinking that I would let something slip, something out, I would offer them some sort of lead… haha never. It doesn’t matter what condition I’m in, I’m not a fucking rat. I don’t like rats, I was expelled from high school because of a rat. So, for me that’s a principle I live by. So, I totally played on it, answering some questions, avoiding others, making ridiculous comments and at one point, singing ghost busters… haha. Why? Because, don’t try to fool me. I was there, because I wanted to be there, it wasn’t for any other reason. I knew I needed life to smack me in the face, in order for it to stick, in order for me to learn, that’s why I landed myself in the ER, that’s why I willfully headed the officer the ‘skittles’. Yes I was high, but I wasn’t incompetent. I was deliberate with my actions, just a bit loopy -playful, funny, but nevertheless deliberate. But, they didn’t know the intent behind my being in the ER, so as much as they attempted to press me for answers, I utilized the circumstances to my advantage when selectively answering and avoiding questions, why not?! Besides, I know nothing… 5… What?… 2… What are you asking?… No idea! Have you seen Ghostbusters?… Who are you going to call? Ba na na na Ghostbusters…

Again, let’s not try to fool me. Funny thing is, even if I had said something it would have been inadmissible in court due to my state, so in actuality those officers weren’t that bright to begin with. Can’t blame them for trying.



To be continued…

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