arrested - numb pt. 25

Arrested – Numb Pt. 25

As the night went on, I became more and more aware of my surroundings. All the emotions were making their way back, into my head, my soul. I was becoming fully present to the situation I was in. I was arrested… Holy shit!!! And, it wasn’t a slap on the wrist either, it was a serious conviction… possession for the purpose. And, for that reason there was no mercy. 

The first set of cops weren’t bad, they understood, they saw my family, they saw the dynamic – they understood what it was. But then, there was a shift change. The worst, two girl cops -they were bitches. When taking me to the station, they threw me against the cruiser and cuffed me so hard that I had bruises the next day. And they had words… OoOoO did they had words, but guess what?! So did I, which didn’t help the situation.

There I was in 14 division taking mug shots, fingerprints and stripped searched. I was then be placed in a holding cell on the second floor, away from everyone else. Not because of anything, but because there was no room. One of the biggest busts happened that weekend. The station was packed. And, so I was placed in a holding cell that was in the same room as the detectives. I could see their work space if I chose to look out the glass window. 

And, because I had such wonderful officers escort me to my cell, you better believe that I fucked with them. I asked for walks, washroom breaks. I did anything to inconvenience them. And, as much as I found satisfaction in fucking with them, I just wanted out of the whole thing. I just wanted to began recovering, healing, emotionally that is. And I was so thankful that in just a few hours it would be Monday; and I would be given the opportunity to go home… finally for once, in a really long time, all I wanted was to go home…

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