rehab - numb pt. 28

Rehab – Numb Pt. 28

As messed up as the whole situation was, everything fell together nicely. Because, I was high as kite when I got arrested, my defense was an easy one… it was an addiction. So, I had to go to rehab. And I didn’t care if I wasn’t an addict. For I was convicted with possession for the purpose, that’s a serious conviction. And if I was charged, it would determine my whole future and that scared the shit out of me. 

Therefore, I needed to do what needed to done. I had to be there and follow through. And it didn’t matter how it looked from the outside. Like I said, I needed to done what need to be done. For I got myself into this mess and I had to get myself out.

Rehab was an eye opener. It showed me humanity and the beauty of vulnerability. Showed me the strengthen we have on our weaknesses. It showed me life -naked and bare, nothing attached. For it was a true illustration of the fact that everybody has a story. And everybody did have a story, and some were so terrifying that to this day gives me chills. 

And, I must say it definitely helped with feeling. Because the only thing there was to do was to talk about how you felt, talk about what was really going on. For instance, what was really at the forefront of it all. Talk, listen, observe and feel. 

It taught me kindness, not only for others, but for myself. Furthermore, it taught me to never judge and to dig deeper than what was at the surface. As a result, it gave me such a better understanding of the world, life and people. And, crazy as this may sound, I am grateful I went. For it gave me the opportunity to witness first-hand just how beautiful humanity was… is. How weak yet strong each of us really are. It was an insightful experience. And, I got a lot out of it and when it came to end, it was about moving on to the next step.

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