bring on life - numb pt. 29

Bring on Life – Numb Pt. 29

It was enough talking, listening and feeling, it was time to start acting, start actually implementing things… you know put the wheels in motion, get things going to where you want them to go. It was less talking, less thinking, more doing -actions speak louder than words.

Enrolled myself back into school and for that first year. I close off the world and just did me -flipped the switch, yet again and this time in a way that benefitted me, rather than hindering. Shut out all the noises, I mean everything. I was offline. Didn’t drink, I didn’t go out, and I don’t just mean out clubbing, I mean like at all. It was school and home, that was it. That was all I wanted. I became the biggest nerd.. haha! School was everything to me, I had something to prove after that fuck up, and the only place I wanted to go was up. I was down for so long, so I made it a point to put in the work and graduated university with an Honors Degree in Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy Specialist).

But, it wasn’t until second year, when I met one of my closest friends, one of the few humans that knows my soul inside and out, and not through feeling but conversation. His is one, out of the two people in this world, that knows how and why I think the way that I think and do the things that I do or don’t, one of the few that have taken the time to converse on another level to better understand… I don’t how to explain it, I think it’s a philosophy thing. But, if it wasn’t for him I probably would have kept myself in isolation. He brought me back to life, one of my best friends to this day. And, as I got out of my shell life happened… adventures, experiences…

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