It was more than vacation, it was spiritual awakening.

There is a reason why we are the way we are, why we think the way we think… the values we hold… the people we allow close to our souls.. who we find peace in. Furthermore, why and how to do it brings a whole new level in understanding yourselves -who we are and why we are. It was such an incredible experience to finally have found peace…

Being still.
Being simple.
Being grounded.

In myself.

And, for that reason I stress the importance of silence, stillness, to listen to your soul, the universe, what it has to say, the direction in which it is guiding you. Cut out the noise, the chaos of life and just listen.

I’ve never felt so light, so free, so peaceful as I do now, yet not much has changed in terms of the chaos that is my life, so I offer this in hopes to inspire you to find peace within yourself… to listen to your soul, rather than the outside world… to see what the universe has to offer you, IF AND ONLY IF, you let your guard down and surrender.

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