The past few months has been intense in many ways, it’s been a struggle to hold my head high, there have been many times I’ve crumbled, catching myself before breaking. It’s been so chaotic to the point it has been taking a toll on my health, my mind, my peace… my spirit -my soul…

So I took some time off, regroup, regenerate and reenergize myself… ground myself. And, you wouldn’t believe the creativity pouring through me. I was at standstill for so long, endless nights, sleepless nights, forcing a state of mind… a creative mind in which I would write… it seemed impossible until, my trip.

I went away not expecting anything, just a regular vacation, the same as all the others.. drink, party and tan. But, that wasn’t the case, it was the complete opposite, it was everything I could ever want, everything I could ever get in a getaway. It was clarity, it was stillness…. peace within myself. It was zen.¬†I gained so much clarity after my trip, but coming back to reality hit me like a ton of bricks… immersed in it all again.

There is no escaping reality… there is only finding ways to deal with it. And, given that I had a break I was able to re-energize myself, becoming aware of the tools which simplify our everyday life. We work so hard in making things seem all perfect, all gravy… it’s great to be positive, but at some point you have to keep it real, say it how it is and get out of your head -ridding yourself of the mask.

This whole time I’ve been pulling so much pressure on writing insightful writing, philosophical writing, and sharing stories from years ago, to afraid to share stories of my current situation, insight on current situations… Why? Because I haven’t made sense of it all and being vulnerable is hard, especially sharing stories that you have yet to understand yourself. But, realized I’ve been pushing myself so hard to not share current life events, rather provide alternative content, yet it is so much easier to just write on the present.

So, what this all comes down to… ¬†keeping it real, letting you in… to the present state of mind, being vulnerable… and whatever happens happens. Stay tuned…

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