There has been such a shift in what living really is.. what relationships really are… what life is really all about. It’s almost like we have no fun anymore, making everything mean something, when in actuality it all means nothing… it is all with we make of it. And, we could either make it into something positive or that which is negative. And, technology has only made matters worst… intensifying things to a whole other level… for we hide behind our screens, some of us never truly living… not allowing yourself to actually experience freedom… half of the time we aren’t even present to that which is right in front of us… life.

There is no fun, no freedom, the way there once was… it’s all about the appearance… the way in which things look. We sit behind our screens fabricing an appearance, pretending to be that which we are not, wanting others to idol us… to want to be us, yet we don’t even want to be us sometimes. We go places, see people and partake in experiences, not for the experience, but for the look… we do things we love and share them, but most of us aren’t doing them, because we love them… we are doing them because of the appearance of that which we love… the way in which it looks on the outside. Kind of makes you question the authenticity… the intention. Most importantly, who really is the person behind the screen?

Problem is, none of us ever really ask that question… we are too busy assuming, judging and criticize them and ourselves, that we don’t even acknowledge there is some much unknown that makes up for that which is shown. We create our own version of others, our own idea of who we think they are based on what they share or don’t, what they say and do or don’t… never actually engaging in any sort of meaningful conversation. Yet, in our minds we know all there is to know about this person and for that reason, there is no need to converse… no need to engage in anything more.

It is sad. Everything has been stripped of its intrinsic value, becoming solely materialistic… superficial, and the goes across board, whether or not you partake in social media.

For those who partake it can either be for one of two reasons, either for influence or attention. Influence being business, brand and lifestyle… the building, the creating of something. Attention being praise, cocky and self-assurance… mass approval, lack of self-confidence is most definitely at play here. And in both cases, it is superficial (one more than the other), doing it for the appearance knowingly, granted that it is what is demanded… what is needed… required, but in the former the intention is for something much greater -it is selfless, the latter the intention is selfish. But, don’t be mistaken the both could overlap, they can even be one in the same.

The thing we could only know the difference by engaging in conversation, conversing, but the problem is we don’t know how… furthermore, we feel as though we already know everything we need to know, for we have been hiding behind a screen for so long… plus, what is the point in having a discussion, if you already know all there is to know… so even if we try it isn’t meaningful… it’s all surface conversation, for we have already formulated our own conception of this person. Again, all superficial.

It’s so saddening how we have lost respect for one and other without even realizing, regarding each other more as objects, than as people, disregarding the depth in which we are human. We sit judging ourselves, judging others… arriving at conclusions without proper consideration, neglecting to realize that there is so much more than what is on the surface.

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