Today was such an amazing day… so much went wrong but yet everything worked out… don’t even know how to explain it, now that I’m looking back on it.. almost like a test, as if to see how I handle things.. testing the response to my surroundings and the energy frequency… the essence of my energy… what I was releasing into the universe… somehow although all went wrong, all went right… it was kind of magical. And, the fact that it was for the purpose of a project I’m working on, made it that more special.

There is just something about the energy in nature, it keeps me at peace, soul just connects with it so freely, it’s incredible… the life that surrounded me today was unexplainable, the way in which the sun shined down through the trees, as we walked through the forest… every trail having it’s own magical aspect, frogs, butterflies… railroad… waterfall… there would be an abundance of green, to then just bare… it was incredible.

It was a journey… four hour hike and it kicked my ass.. I was definitely not prepared at all, none of us were, but yet we made it happen.. made it work despite all difficulties… because of the energy that surrounded us… maybe it’s just me, but there is just something about nature… it keeps me grounded… at peace… my mind completely present all that surrounds me, completely disconnected from all distractions… it’s as though my mind naturally shuts off all the noise, only to focus on that which is front of me.. raw in it’s form.. in it’s essence… 

Everything fades away giving me clarity… offering me insight to that which I fail to see due to the everyday clutter that consumes my mind… allowing me to embody that which I was meant for, for I feel at peak when in nature, surrounded by the energy of life.. the rawness… organic form… offers so much life… offering a whole new meaning to who I am and that which I’m meant to be… tapping into my inner being… forcing out the power that I hold within, such a s rays of light beaming… offering me the peace to be able to see that which is hidden by the everyday chaos… embodying the essence of alignment, tranquility and clarity… I want that everyday…

I love the city, but I’m not meant for the city…

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