So much I want to write about and I begin writing, but then begin to think to myself, what is the intention behind this sharing? Because, you see there are so many reasons why we think and do the things we do, and it’s not so much about what we think or do, but rather the intention behind it; regardless of the way we do things, it all boils down to why it is we are doing them.

Intention is the key to success…

For it is easy to just write, like I said, I have so much to write about… so many thoughts, so many experiences… yet, I still question the intent behind some of my sharing.. for some of it is part of a release, while others are there to compel you to think… to wonder, bring about thoughts… you know?! Kind of there to fuck with you.. but in a good way, in way that it opens something up for you. So, here is another one of those for you..

Intentions show more about who we are, then our actions, our thoughts… you could be doing the nicest of things, serving for the better good, yet if your intentions aren’t genuine it stands for nothing… it isn’t of value.  If you do good, for you own satisfaction… gratification… in some cases, for appearance…. what is the point of even doing good at all? The thing is a lot of us fail to realize this… always looking to those that appear such a way, and neglecting to acknowledge those that are living that such way… looking past and focused on the appeal… the appearance… rather than, the reality of that which is. For purpose in which we do things means more than that in which we do… intention speaks more of one’s character than one’s actions…

So, with that being said… what are my intentions in this sharing? For everything must serve a purpose… or else why even exert the energy?…

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