We hold on to so much without even realizing it.. holding on to hurt, pain.. happiness, excitement… thinking that if we hold on it, it will either somehow justify our actions or often somehow give us what we want… get us to where we want… neglecting to understand that letting go is the key to obtaining that which we so long for… it is by abandoning in all that we ‘think’ know and embracing all that we don’t… all that we were ignorant too.. it is standing in complete surrender to that which the world has to offer.

It is a scary thing to let go… because who are we, if not our attachments? Who are we, if not our limits and boundaries? For is that not what defines us… our restrictions… that is, what we allow and what we don’t. It makes you wonder… makes think.. is that really all that you are… a bundle of fears disguised as laws in which to live by… laws that you have created given our experiences.. laws that set boundaries and limitations to your existence… that is, to your course of actions. Think about it… when was the last time to did something without reason? When was the last time you got uncomfortable? That is, stepping out of that which you know into that which you don’t, defying every reason you could think of to do otherwise… In other words, when was the last time you acted without reason… acted freely?

Chances are many of us haven’t, can’t remember or have no idea… reason being is we haven’t let go… let go of that which twists our soul… that which torments our heart without us even knowing, because it is so comforting to stick to that which we know, it offers us the illusion of protection and security, when in actuality it is the vary thing that hold us back… keeps us from that we so desire. Letting go is everything or nothing…

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