The Cleanse – Day 1

Every now and again, we all need to cleanse our bodies, and with that comes our mind. Eating healthy is key. Now, we may not be able to always do it, but every once and while it is required. In order to improve our bodily functions, giving our organs some rest to rejuvenate and restore themselves.

So, this is day 1 of my cleanse. No alcohol, no meat, just vegetables and fruits. At the same time, I’m going to increase my water intake, which I should drink a lot more than I do. So, now it’s being more mindful and making it a priority. Now, I would usually give up coffee, that is espresso, but honestly it’s way to hard over here. It’s interesting though, because I didn’t drink coffee for roughly two years. And I was completely fine with it but, now in this environment, this country. It’s completely different.

It’s like I need a coffee even when you don’t need one, it’s the thing to do. So, I’m at like five expressos a day…. sometimes eight hahaha. I know, it’s pretty bad. But, keep in mind, prior, when I was drinking coffee, I would have had at least three triple shot expressos before 1:00 pm; hence, why I gave it up… but, like I said, it’s the thing to do here. And, for that reason, I have cut down on sugar. I used to drink it with a full package of sugar, so imagine the sugar intake. Now it is half a pack and I’m slowly working on cutting out the sugar completely. It’s a process… anyways, more importantly…. what’s for breakfast?!

So, I’m not a big breakfast person. And if I ever do have a breakfast, it is usually on the weekend, and it is always the same. Pouched eggs on english muffins (preferably with spinach) and hollandaise sauce on top with fruit on the side; and if it comes with home fries even better. I know, sounds pretty damn good, if you ask me. Unfortunately, they don’t really have places like that here, soooo….. kind of hurts my heart. Because even if I wanted a nice breakfast, I can’t really have one. However, I have always enjoyed smoothies or protein shakes as a morning meal. So to say, and if they aren’t available I’ll just go straight to lunch… haha.. love food! Okay, getting off topic… let’s talk morning routine…


Juice life… kiwi, pear and lime with a base of coconut milk from my local juice bar, which is right next door. Don’t know what I would do with them… they are golden. The only juice bar in this town, probably the only one in this country. So it makes life a lot easier for me. So, this was breakfast.

Now, let’s look at lunch… super delicious. Spicy mushroom broccoli pasta. First, I’ll share my recipe, then the picture. I sauteed garlic (3 cloves). Two thai chilli peppers in two teaspoons of olive oil until they browned. From there placed 1/2 cup broccoli and two muchrooms with a 1 teaspoon of salt and cook until crisped. At the same time, broiled whole wheat gluten free pasta, once it was ready (al dente). I mixed it with the veggies for roughly two minutes. And BOOM!!!!


The most delicious thing you will ever have. Now let’s talk snacks… avocado!!!!!!! So good… I could eat avocado like it’s nothing. And, the best part about avocados is they are a filler fat. They are super healthy and a great fat for your body, they fill you up like no tomorrow. Secret: whenever I’m starving I eat an avocado, sprinkle a bit of salt, and I’m good to go!!! Keeps me full for at least 2-3 hours, if not longer.

Moving on to dinner…. so…. here is the thing, I have a bad habit of kind of eating one meal per day, so to say. So, dinner is usually snacks or a smoothie. Tonight it is going to be cucumbers with a bit of salt. And yes, I know salt isn’t the greatest, but it does increase the production of our electrolytes. Therefore, when used in moderation it is extremely beneficial. And, yes that is my justification, and it’s a pretty good one if you ask me.

As for water, I have had roughly about a litre and still drinking. Tomorrow I’m aiming for two litres, I should be drinking more, especially with the amount of caffeine I have, as it dehydrates the body. Therefore, my goal is to boost my water intake to at least three litres a day, it is just a matter of adjusting and being mindful.

Now, I usually try to incorporate some form of exercise whenever I do a cleanse. And majority of the time it is dance, but being out of the country and in a town with no studios, or even a country without a dance world. It’s kind of hard to go to a class, as they don’t exist. And, to be honest I don’t really exercise other than dance, I’m not one for gyms.  I do like yoga though, but it isn’t cardo, which it doesn’t really count. So, I kind of just have my own jam sessions, which aren’t the same as a class, but now it’s time to step it up and actually get a sweat out of it. 

Sweating is key to detoxing, it releases toxins from our bodies. It boosts the level efficiency in our organs and increases our overall energy levels and improves our mood by releasing endorphins. 

Plus, it keeps you fit, so it is kind of a win-win.

Anyways, I’m off to do some work on mailchimp for the release of my upcoming workshop… peace out!!

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