The Cleanse – Day 2

So, I stayed up pretty late last night, got caught up watching a new series, The Sinner with Jessica Biel on Netflix. Which wasn’t the greatest at first, but then caught my attention at the end of the first episode. And that was it, I was up until four a.m. watching it. 

Any who, that isn’t what this was about, it’s about what I ate. Because I stayed up late I ended up eating more than a cucumber… hahaha…  I had a small salad with basic dressing (sea salt, olive oil and vingear) along with a plum. It was pretty good. I feel super light today, which is great, granted that I ate pretty late.

Moving on to my morning routine, two espressos (yes, I know…. two is pretty bad), but I needed it to give me some life. Aside from the coffee, I had a smoothie. This time it was a mango and passionfruit with coconut milk as a base… sweet, but not too sweet. It’s pretty delicious, the only thing is the seeds get stuck in your teeth, but I’ll take it, because it is just so good. Take a look.


Moving on to lunch, which was absolutely delicious. Again, I’m going to share the recipe prior to the photo, green peas with eggs. I know sounds weird, but it is actually quite amazing and aids with my protein intake. As I have cut out all meats (beef, chicken and fish). Plus, it’s a recipe mama taught me, and you can’t go wrong with mama’s cooking. 

So, let’s get started on how I made it. First step, sliced onion (1/2 an onion), three tablespoons of olive oil. And because I love spice, I add three sliced chilli thai peppers into the mix. Second step, I sautéed the onions until caramelized.  While this is being done, the green peas are in a bowl with water to defrost. And absorb some of it for additional flavour. That is, additional juiciness (I know, not a word, but you get it). Once the onions are caramelized. I add the green peas.

Cook them for roughly ten to fifteen minutes.Kind of go by eye, once I see the first pea browning (but, not too brown… just like a toasty kind of idea). Then I flatten the peas until they are at an even level in the pan and I crack two-three eggs over, sprinkle a bit of sea salt and place a lid on the pan. And allow to cook for roughly two minutes. This of course depends on how you like your eggs, I usually like them runny, but for this recipe, it tastes better when they are a little more cooked, a half and half kind of thing, yokey but not runny. And, DONE!!!!


Just a note for reference, make sure to not cook the peas too much. Because once the eggs are cracked you can’t stir the peas around to avoid burning. And if they are burnt, even in the slightest of ways, it destroys the favour. So, just be careful and mindful! 

In addition, because of using three eggs, I usually have two and save the third one as a dinner snack kind of thing. Side note: normally, I don’t have any fried anything when doing cleanses. But it’s extremely difficult not too, as my oven doesn’t work, so kind of leaves me no choice. Hence, why I’ve been monitoring the amount of oil used in anything I cook. And increasing my water intake to aid in filtering out the affects of frying.

Okay, so now let’s talk snacks… it’s a nut kind of day, so I’ve been squeezing in cashews and almonds (both unsalted). Nuts are a great source of protein and fibre. 

Confession: part of me is addicted to cashews, they are a great filler nut, so I munch on them as in between meals kind of snack to keep the hunger from over taking me. As for water, I’m up to two litres today, which is great! And, coffee…. I have like five espressos in total today…. I’m working on it, give me time, it will happen, but on the bonus side the sugar is down to a quarter of a pack. And, exercise… no exercise today, not feeling the greatest, as in I’m getting sick. So I didn’t want to be too aggressive on my body, especially with the change in diet.

Anywho, this was my day 2 of my cleanse. Ps. I actually go to bed excited about my meals for the next day, I could totally embrace this vegetarian lifestyle.

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