The Cleanse – Day 3

On day 3 now of my cleanse, and no juice… very upset about it, as I was looking forward to something new and fresh. My juice place closed early today due to the weather. Apparently rain scares people away from juices and as a Canadian it leaves me wondering what they would do if they dealt with snow. So, I’m kind of bitter about it, as I had a new recipe in mind, but hey tomorrow is another day. So, my morning consisted of three espressos… yes, three… and a ton of water to keep me feeling full until lunch time.

LUNCH TIME… I have been looking forward to this meal since yesterday… so delicious. Spicy potatoes with bell peppers, broccoli and garlic… lots and lots of garlic.

First step, cut eight to ten small potatoes in half then into quarters, wash them and leave them sitting in water and sea salt. Next step is to cut up five cloves of garlic and three tablespoons of olive oil into pan Then cut 1/4 of green pepper and 1/4 red pepper into thin slices and chop up about three broccoli stems.

From there, drain the potatoes and season them with cajun (two tablespoons) and table salt (three teaspoons) mix it up and let sit. Begin sauteing the garlic, once the garlic is a nice golden brown, throw in the potatoes. Let them cook for roughly ten to fifteen minutes; then, throw in the bell peppers and broccoli. Cook for roughly five to eight minutes, make sure to keep stirring and stirring. So that the garlic and potatoes don’t begin to stick to the pan.
(Keep in mind we are using very little olive oil, so it will stick a lot faster and easier.)

This recipe can be done in the oven, and I usually do it in the oven. But as you are aware from last post, my oven over here is not functioning. If done in the oven, use three cloves of garlic with one tablespoon of garlic powder over the potatoes. And follow the same sequence, by adding the vegetables once the potatoes are relatively cooked. Oven temperature should be between 380 to 405, nothing more. Timing in roughly the same. This is what the finished product looks like… pretty delicious.


There you have it, super quick, super easy and extremely nutritious.

For snacks/dinner, I’m sticking with fruit and lots of it, didn’t have my smoothie, so I definitely need fruit over nuts today. Kiwi, mango and plum. For me, kiwi is very important to incorporate, because it is high in iron and I’m borderline anemic. And as I’m not eating any meat, I need to find the appropriate substitutions to implement in my diet, so I don’t lack any of my vitamins. 

Side note: I should be taking a multi-vitamin, but I despise pills. Plus I always forget to take them regularly, so I research foods (fruits and vegetables) that have high levels of the vitamins and nutritions. And incorporating them as to what I’m lacking in my body. So, if you are anything like me, there is a little tip for you. Because natural resources are much better than feeding your body with anything formulated in the lab. Regardless if they label it ‘organic’ or ‘natural’, if it is in a pill form, it isn’t natural or organic.

As, for exercise… no existent today, as I am still not feeling the greatest. But, on the plus side my water intake was increased to three litres today. 

In addition to this great news, I have actually lost two pounds. I know it isn’t healthy losing two pounds in three days, but if and when done correctly it isn’t harmful on the body. Cutting out the alcohol, which has a lot of sugar, along with meat, allows the body to digest quicker and easier. And, the water intake aids in filling full, therefore eating less, and helps flush out our system.

Anyways, on to day four!!

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