The Cleanse – Day 4

So, my juice place was closed once again today, very upsetting, as I had whole new recipe for today’s smoothie. But, no it has to wait for tomorrow, which unfortunate, because I really looking forward to it. They didn’t open today because they thought it was going to rain, which is so mindblowing and just solidifies the fact that I need a blender. So I can make my own and not rely on them being opened, especially now that winter is starting to kick in. And, though there is no snow and never really goes below five degrees. It does rain quite a bit. So I can only imagine how many days I will go without a morning smoothie… depressing. 

On the plus side of getting a blender, I can add ingredients they don’t have. Such as turmeric, flax seeds, cayenne pepper, coconut oil, lemon and oregano (which is great for colds). And all kinds of other vegetables. So, I most definitely have to make that happen sooner rather than later.

Because, I didn’t have my smoothie, I was pretty hungry. So I ate lunch super early and ate a plum and some nuts as a snack while making lunch. And, lunch was delicious, vegetable egg fried quinoa, I went on vegetable overload, using bell peppers (both green and red), broccoli and green peas. 

So, first here if the recipe then the picture of healthy goodness. First step chop up everything, I used 1/4 red pepper, 1/4 green pepper and two stems of broccoli. Prior to broiling the quinoa, I chopped 4 garlic cloves, 1/3 onion and two thai chili pepper, sauteed it in two tablespoons of olive oil. Then added the quinoa (without water). So that it could absorb the flavours from the garlic, onion and spicy pepper. 

After roughly, one to two minutes, I added water to begin cooking the quinoa. Once the quinoa is two quarters of the way done, with very little water left to absorb. I cracked three eggs and scrambled them, and while doing so I added the vegetables to the quinoa. Along with two tablespoons of salt and one teaspoon of black pepper. Then covered the pot to help steam the vegetables as the quinoa finished cooking. Once that was done and the eggs cooked, I cut the egg into smaller pieces and added the quinoa to the fry pan. And with low heat fried for roughly one to two minutes, added two teaspoons of garlic powder and BOOM!!!! DONE & DONE!!!


It was very filling and tasted amazing, the vegetables were crunchy and fill of flavor. Not too salty or garlicy, it was perfect and this was my first time making this. I thought of it on the whim and I’m pretty impressed with how it turned out.

For dinner, I’m feeling like a salad tonight. I would eat the rest of the quinoa, but I’m going to save it for tomorrow’s lunch… only so much quinoa you can eat in one day. Now, let’s talk salad!!!! Regular lettuce with onion and super simple dressing, olive oil, vingear and sea salt, plus a bonus of sesame seeds, which I absolutely love!! 

Sesame seeds are so good for you. They increase blood circulation and contain a large amount of fatty acids which actually promote hair growth. So, for all my ladies, start loading those sesame seeds on your salad. Now, just a note, if they are not toasted they don’t have flavor, so if you buy them, make sure they are toasted. If not, then you need to toast them, or else they add zero flavor to your salad. And, trust me, you want to taste them, they are pretty delicious.

As for exercise, I pushed myself today, even though I’m still not feeling the greatest. I used booty bands and did a booty workout, which I will include in tomorrow’s blog. Also, did an ab workout, one that a friend taught me, super easy and you hardly feel it because of the switch up. I will make sure to include that in tomorrow’s blog as well. And, for water, today I didn’t drink as much as yesterday, currently at two litres, but I’m still pushing. And coffee, I only had three!! Getting better!!

Anywho, that concludes day 4 of my cleanse… on to day 5!!

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