The Cleanse – Day 5

So, I’m a little late writing this, as yesterday was a crazy busy day. Between working on my site and doing errands. So, to be honest, I was kind of glad I had leftovers, which I usually don’t like. But they come in handy every once, and a while. But, regardless of all the chaos that was my life yesterday. I made sure to stick by my cleanse and not detour to fast and easy options… aka. fast food. So, my morning routine, started with two coffees. 

I planned on having a juice, but didn’t. Granted that I was out for majority of the day and by the time I got back they were closed. So, it was just the two coffees and a kiwi. I drank a ton of water to hold me off for a lunch… and it was a late lunch. I dipped into my leftovers from the day after, which was the spicy vegetable quinoa. But, my real lunch, was my favourite… homemade guacamole by moi!!


There are a couple secret ingredients missing from this photo, I wish I could share them with you. But if I do then, my guacamole will lose its fame and I become obsolete. Here is the basic recipe. I used four avocados, smashed them up (whatever you do, do NOT blend them, did that once and it was terrible). So use a fork or spoon. Keep in mind guacamole should have chunks, so it is fine, if it isn’t perfectly smashed. 

Next step is to dice up everything else. Three tomatoes and half an onion (red onion is preferred, but didn’t have any, only a regular white onion). If you want it spicy, like me, add two thai chili peppers. And, the lime is for you to squeeze into the mix. From there add two teaspoons of salt and mix everything up…. and VIOLA!!!!


Now, in terms of crackers to dip, I used whole grain and that was my meal of the day. It was absolutely delicious and super filling. As for snacks, fruits all the way… mango and plum. I did have some cashews as I was making the guac, I was pretty hungry. And, as for water, I’m back up to three litres a day, which is great. And, exercise… I had quite a bit. Between running around and adventures, I didn’t stop. 

Now, I know I said I was going to include my work out regime on this release. But due to yesterday’s activities and today’s exhaustion, I will have to include it in my next write up.

Anyways, I’m off! I know this is a short one, just super tired from yesterday’s adventures. Tomorrow is a new day and I’ll tell you about just how lazy of a Sunday it was for me.

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