The Cleanse – Day 6 & 7

Super late writing this, I’ve been battling an allergy to my laundry detergent, and it makes me want to rip off my skin. I can’t sleep without waking up at least three to four times a night… itching and scratching. It’s been a rough few days, but finally went to the pharmacy to get medicine and feeling somewhat better. But most definitely a huge struggle. And, the stresses of trying to come back don’t help much either, but what’s life without a few hiccups?! Anywho, this is not what this is about… let’s talk food… healthy food and healthy living.

On day six, which was a Sunday, I woke up and finally had that juice that I was craving for a good two days. Well I half got it, originally it was kiwi, strawberry and ginger, but they didn’t have strawberry, so it was replaced with raspberry. It was still quite delicious and definitely hit the spot. And, the fact that it was personally delivered made it even that much better.


My snacks throughout the day were fruits, mango and plum. I had some nuts as well, cashews and almonds. I didn’t eat much as I wasn’t feeling the greatest due to my allergic reaction. With that being said, I had chicken soup for dinner, no chicken, just chicken broth and noodles. And, I would give the recipe, but let’s face it, it doesn’t let a genuis to make chicken noodle soup. And, to be honest, I used the pack. I wasn’t in any condition to cook, just needed something quick and easy.


It most definitely hit the spot and definitely what I needed for the night. As for my water intake, I drank three litres, but no exercise. Fighting off this allergy has comsumed quite a bit of energy from me,  leaving feeling weak and tired. So, rather than forcing and pushing my body to limits, I made sure to prioritize my water intake.

Now, let’s talk day seven. Now, this was a wonderful day! Some pretty awesome meals, as my friend cooked for me, given that I was still feeling under the weather. But still sticking to my ‘no meat’ policy and only vegetables, I didn’t add chicken. My morning routine was two coffees. And a ton of water mixed with a lot of running around and back office work. 

I was craving a shake, but just way too concentrated and focused.  So I ate a kiwi instead, and ended up having an avocado to fill me up until a late lunch / early dinner kind of thing. Which, I was so glad to have saved my appetite, because it was absolutely incredible.

My friend made cheesy vegetable stuffed zucchini… I know… sounds as delicious as it tasted. Trust me, I’m still dreaming about it, it was so flavourful. Never realized just how delicious vegetarian recipes would be, actually quite mindblown. So nutritious and out of this world mouth watering. 

So, let me give you the recipe prior to sharing the picture. It took three zucchinis, carved out the middle and placed in a bowl which was mixed with diced bell peppers (green, red and yellow). One quarter of each, broccoli (two stems), half a cup of shredded carrots, two diced tomatoes and half of a diced red onion. This mixture with quickly fried in a pan for five to eight minutes. 

In two tablespoons of olive oil and four cloves of garlic, seasoned with cayenne pepper and salt. Once cooked, left to cool down for five minutes, then placed in the carved zucchini with mozzarella cheese on top. From there it went into the oven for a good eight to ten minutes. Cooking the vegetables a bit more and melting the cheese, making it a healthy vegetarian kind of bruschetta. SO GOOODDDDDD!!!! Just look for yourself.


The zucchini was still crunchy, vegetables fully cooked and cheese completely melted. Now, tell me that this isn’t a meal worth saving your appetite for?! And, I’m not one for zucchini, but this blew my mind! Extremely delicious. And to top it off, all the ingredients added tremendous value to my new adopted lifestyle as a vegetarian. 

Broccoli is a brain food filled with vitamins to help build collagen for both body and bone tissue. Bell peppers are great for your vision and packed with antioxidants, tomatoes are an amazing source of vitamin C and a major anti-oxidant. And as for zucchini, it is an anti-inflammatory which helped with the inflammation of my rash.Granted that, I keep itching and irritating the skin causing inflammation in the affected areas. And, we all know, cheese is a great source of calcium and protein. BOOM!!! Everything covered!

As for snacks that evening, I had almonds and cashews. I threw in a plum and munched on some of that amazing guacamole I made the other day. It was great!!! 

My water intake was a bit less, two and a half litres. And, again no exercise due to my allergy battle, losing so much energy from it and creating so much back log, in terms of work. I did take a walk for roughly forty-five minutes. Which I don’t really count as exercise, granted that it was more of stroll and no sweat was broken. 

And, I know, I still need to show you my exercise routine. Which is a quick one, a quick thirty-five minute butt and abs work-out. But, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten, I will be posting it very soon, once my body is fully rejuvenated. I just don’t want to share just how much scratching and itching I’m dealing with, but it is coming.

Anywho, I’m off… going to start my day eight review for you all!!!

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