What is up everybody?! I’m home, and so incredibly happy that I’m back, even though it is only for a quick minute, it feels good. But, before I get into all of that, let’s chat about my travels on my way home… trust me it’s quite a story and quite a journey up until the point I got home. So, within then 48 hours, I booked my flight home within 72 hours, booked the bus ride to airport within 48 hours and within 24 hours I was home!!! Sounds easy and simple… but let me tell you!! As I said, in my last blog, Coming Home, it was quite a mission to getting back home, a lot battles and a whole lot of obstacles, but once everything fall into place it all worked out… somewhat.

So, the minute I booked the flight I was on cloud nine, so excited, so happy… just wanted to get home and see the freaking CN Tower already haha… just sit outside on my patio smoking a cigarette overlooking the city. But, let me tell you it wasn’t that easy… it was battle from the minute I woke up the day of my flight. Regardless of my excitement to go home, I was filled with anxiety and my allergic reaction flared due to it, top it off, that night three hours prior to my four hour bus ride to the airport at 2 a.m., I had major cramps… and no, not menstrual cramps, more like a stomach cramp… but it wasn’t that I ate something wrong, it’s something else… what?! I don’t know… a sharp pain on my right side, which hasn’t been the first time, but it usually goes away… not this time. I endured this discomfort the whole way to the airport, which was great… in top of my constant itching due to allergic reaction… which again, fantastic! But, that’s life, right?! Just go with it.

Anyways, get to the station, hop in a cab at 6 a.m. to drive me to the airport, and I’m there within ten minutes, which was three hours before flight… which, if you know me, I’m a last minute flyer. I like to be at the airport for the least amount of time possible, an hour and, maybe, fifteen minutes to twenty minutes before the flight. So, it’s like… boom, boom, boom… one shot, super fast… I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, not one to stroll around in duty free or anything else… not a fan of waiting, I have patience… and don’t partially enjoy time watching. So, going back… I was there three hours prior to flying, living my worst nightmare in outrageous discomfort… it was incredible!! And, in this moment all I wanted to do was sleep, checked in my luggage, which again my worst nightmare… why?! Because, here is a secret, a life hack, and another reason if why I prefer going later to the airport, you see… if your luggage is one of the first to be checked in, it is one of the last to come out, and vice versa; if it is one of the last checked in, it is one of the first to come out. But, in this moment, I had to suck it up, I was in most much discomfort… the list goes on, plus I figured Toronto airport would be a breeze, I would sleep until boarding and all will be well…. yeah, not so much! Life just can’t be that easy!

But, I must say, I find these moments so humorous, because this is life… nothing is perfect and although we make it seem so at times, sometimes for others, most of the time for ourselves… it’s important to acknowledge that life happens. Yes, be happy, be grateful and feel blessed always, but it’s okay if this moments happen, frustration happens…. this is life -shit happens and you just have to smile and laugh it off… and, it’s so ironic, the world is messing with you… testing you.. it’s how to handle it…

So, I was waiting to go through the gates, and a sudden heat wave over takes me, and I’m sweating and about to pass out, had to take off my sweater and drink water… and my only worry in this moment was if I fainted, they might not let me fly… and honestly… that wasn’t an option, because I needed to get home. So, I had to hold my shit together, although, difficult I managed and I made out… of the line and carry on checkpoint, that is, and found the gate number and just potted on a chair, in and out of sleeps for roughly two and hours, to wake up the plane being delayed twenty minutes… then, it was fifty minutes…. and, then it was indefinitely…. five hours later we are ready to board. The good thing was by this point the discomfort on my right was gone, and the itching had somewhat subsided, so that plane ride wasn’t going to be that miserable, which was a win for me.

Roughly, seven hours later, we land in Toronto, and given the delay of the airline, we stopped in the middle of an opened area, not at a gate. The plane finally coming to a stop twenty-five minutes after landing, taking twenty minutes of Toronto Pearson Airport to have stairs available to disembark passangers… it was great! Everyone was so anxious to get off and just get home, and having to waste unnecessary time due to lack of organization, was definitely not helping the situation… so much frustration in the midst. Customs was great, fast and easy. But, now let’s talk about the baggage claim, which took forty-five minutes to get luggage on the caurosel, then rather than continuing to unloading the baggage from our flight, they began offloading luggage from Hong Kong. Once I noticed the lettering of the tags, I went straight to talk to the airport staff, and very few others noticed as well and made a complaint, and it took a good thirty-minutes before anything was done about it. They ending up redirecting us to another caurosel, taking another twenty minutes before anything happening, and at one point the caurosel stopped working for a good five minutes, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but which when the room is filled with frustration and exhaustion, five minutes is a life time. Everyone was on such a short fuse to the extend that the airport staff took off, no longer being able to hear the complaints from passangers. It was quite journey, living out my worst travelling nightmare in less in 24 hours. But, this is life!!! For the universe is always testing you, what you choose to do with it, it’s your choice. Whether we laugh it off and smile, sit back and say nothing or be outraged; in the end, it is a matter of how we choose to react, seeing the irony in it all and appreciating the humor that comes with it… it’s the only way to be sane.

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