It’s all about scheduling. Prior to leaving I decided I was going to commit to one year abroad, working, traveling and living the simple life. It’s going to be hard, and will definitely have it’s ups and downs, and I know the feeling of homesick will over take me at times. But, in the end there is no doubt in my mind that’s it is going to be worth… it will most definitely pay off. So, booking my flight back to Toronto, I also booked my return flight. Two weeks is all I gave myself to pack up my place, rent it out and sell my car. And, within those two weeks, fit it some work at the family business, help out with the a few of the complications that arose while I was away, film and write content for my upcoming workshop (launching soon), catch up with family and friends, hit up a few dance classes and squeeze in a photoshoot or two. So, it’s all about scheduling… and no slacking.

My first week, that is, the first few days I dedicated to setting everything up for my place and car to be put on the market, along with reconciling the complications at the business mixed with family time. The few days after that, which was the weekend, will be for family and friends. Second week dedicated to writing and filming material for the workshop, research for a few of my pieces, dance classes and photoshoots. I’m pretty good when it comes to getting things done… but, that doesn’t mean I don’t stress… oOoOohhh boy, do I stress! And, half of the time I don’t even know why, becuase I know it always ends up working out and getting done. But, part of me still stresses, just knowing I’m on a schedule and it needs to get done, it not being done yet… stresses me out! For example. My car is clean, ready to take pictures and post, and once that is done, it’s done… which is great! But, then comes the stress of it not being sold yet… you know, you just want it sold, so you can be done with it and it can be knocked off the list. One less thing to worry or think about having to get done, because it’s done! Same goes for my place, once it’s packed up and ready to go on the market, it’s one less thing, but than it is a matter of getting it rented. It’s like there is always something… actually, I take that back, there always is something… always something to do or be done, especially when on a time limit. Now, I could have pushed my flight back if need be, but then I’m unnecessarily delaying things, when I can easily get it done within a two timeframe. It’s a matter to not slacking and time management. And, of course being conscious of any unforseen circumstances, which can disrupt the sequence of events. So, it’s welcome back to early mornings and late nights… it’s called the hustle people! City life! And, it’s here for limited time only! Not saying, the hustle stops overseas, it just isn’t as intense. A lot lay back and relaxed… I definiely and always working, but enjoy life all more, because I’m dedicating my time to what I love. And, that’s writing, along side the development of my online workshop.

Now, it’s not as though I’ll only be writing and not working, I’ll be working part-job… I need something to keep my occupied either than writing. Need a way to meet people, explore and learn new things. I need new stories to share… new teachings to consider… new adventures to live. So, this is the end of this chapter… the journey is over, I’m making it official… well, at least for a year. And, then we will see happens… but, it’s new chapter… One Year Abroad, a year filled with adventures, travelling, exploring and learning, and the best part is sharing it with all of you. Something I can’t wait for, because it’s going to be pretty awesome; although, it is going to be scary, as I’m a lone solider, it is going to most definitely be worth it, and with that being said… I look forward to this new chapter on my life…

Let’s see where it takes me…

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