There is something about this place… something that makes me feel so at peace. No idea what it is, maybe the fact that I’m away from all the nonsense that is my life back home in Toronto, but as soon as I land and step off the plane, such weight is lifted off my shoulders… it’s incredible. There is just something so magical… so transformative about it all. All I can do is embrace it… embrace everything about it, and just live in it… live in the moment of it all. It is as though being present is the only thing one can do, almost as though it is impossible to not be present. Free from all the thoughts that set me back and keep me from being at peace

I can literally walk down the street without headphones, no music, no distractions… just me, listening to the noise of what surrounds me… the cars, chatter among people, kids playing… soaking everything in… taking in the shops, the people… absorbing all that surrounds me. It has never felt so good being alone…

It’s interesting though, because I do have friends, but part of me rather be alone in this place, than with anyone else… almost as though, they ruin my peace, my state of mind… not allowing me to fully be present to all that surrounds me… distracting me from the beauty, the culture, the stillness of it all. For when others are present, you almost feel an obligation to strike a conversation and sometimes you just don’t want to talk, you can want to be… and there aren’t a lot of people that you can just be… be there in silence and be comfortable; and if conversation does strike, it doesn’t even need to be about anything, something I wrote about in one of my other posts, Living In Nonsense. talking about everything, while talking about nothing. It actually alleviates so much off your shoulders, and allows to still absorb all that surrounds you, because in actuality your brain isn’t really thinking, it isn’t focusing on the conversation, rather it just focuses on that which surrounds you… and like I mention in the post, this types of conversations don’t just happen with anyone.

Aside from all of that, it is the peace that fills my soul that is gold… it is the enlightment of it all that is everything and more. The fact that I can sit in silence and think nothing of it, make nothing of it, is everything. And, here is the thing, so much is going on, so much is happening and yet I’m at such peace regardless of it all. For one, I’m still figuring out the rental of my place, going back and forth between long and short term rental, which has caused me to be a month behind on my mortgage due to my indecisiveness. Another is the ugly separation of my parents, which is so uncalled for and extremely unnececesary, granted that one side is being nothing be reasonable, whereas the other side is extremely off balance and making the situation more difficult than what it needs to be. So, believe me, the stresses are still very much present. It is just a matter of the state of mind in which we approach things, that changes everything.

And, because I can’t help but feel at peace where I am, it is making the stresses of my life a whole lot easier to tolerate… giving me a calm state of mind… peace within my soul, which allows me to think clearly. It’s incredible! I never realized that something like this could be accomplished by the mere relocation of one’s life… yes, distance can make dealings easier, but it could most definitely make them harder. And, the fact that I’m at such peace is a huge eye opener for me. Maybe it’s the people… maybe it is the culture… or maybe it is the beach, the sound of the waves crashing that gives me peace.

But, this place is everything to me right now… and I love it! I’m loving the peace within my soul…. in my spirit…

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