Unspoken Words

There was no one else,
Never was,
Always you,
Only you,
And, not that there is anyone else now.

But, it seems as though,
You never understood that.
As though, you didn’t want to believe it,
Perhaps it was your own fears,
Perhaps it didn’t even faze you.
But, I would hope to think it did,
I hope to think that you thought twice in the face of doubt.
Seeing the truth my eyes and feeling in my soul.

I hope to think that I meant as much to you,
As you meant to me.
But, I’ll never know.
For you will never lower our pride,
Never share your deepest of feelings and desires.


And, I can’t blame you, 
I can only accept you.
Accept you as you are, 
Rather than as I envision you to be.
For I created a false image of you,
Thinking you were something more,
Than that which you are.
And, you’re not.

You’re you.
And, for some reason,
Regardless of it all,
I still care,
And, I can’t let go.

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