Is It Love?!

When I close my eyes,
I think of you,
I see your face.
Part of me wishes I didn’t,
Didn’t think about you.
Trust me.
I tried,
Tried so hard,
So hard not to think of you,
But it doesn’t to work,
Because the moment I close my eyes,
All I see is your face.
The thing is,
Why think about someone,
Who doesn’t think about you?!
Why care for someone,
Who doesn’t care about you?!
More importantly,
Why feel for someone,
Who doesn’t feel for you?!

Interesting though,
For I note the conflict,
See the inconsitency,
The logic and reasoning.
There is just something,
Something about the whole situation,
Something about you.
I haven’t pinpointed it yet,
No idea what it is,
All I know is,
I just can’t get it out of my mind.
Can’t you out of my mind.

There is just something.
Is it love?
Or it is,
No idea,
But there is something.
Is it the inability to let go,
The inability to see things as they are?
Accept things as they are?
That is,
The inability to accept that which it is,
And that which was…


For was I just a time passer?
A filler?
Something in which you pursed without genuine intention?
Or should I say,
No intention at all?!
So many questions?
Or should I say inquires?

For all I know for certain,
Is that I think of you,
More often than not,
More than I would like.
In all honesty,
I don’t know what to do.
I have tried,
Tried to let go,
But its impossible.
Because though,
I may consciously block you,
The thoughts of you,
You seem to always appear.
In my dreams.

For the minute I close my eyes,
I see your face.
Almost as though it haunts me,
A reminder of that which will never happen.
It seems as though,
You will forever be present in my mind,
So, is it love?
Or is it just the inability to let go?
All I know is,
When I close my eyes,
All I see is you…

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