If you are anything like me, you’re not a fan of doctors or modern day medicine, unless absolutely necessary. If you are anything like me you avoid doctor visits at all costs. And only take prescription medicine when there is no other option, when it is a last resort. I’m probably the absolute worst, very stubborn when comes to doctors. Skeptical and doubtful (and, I have my reasons), so for me I avoid it at all cost. Because, we are our own best doctors. Hands down!

We can go to the doctor, tell them our symptoms, they evaluate, make their diagnosis and provide us with a prescription. Simple and easy. But, they aren’t always right, and you obligated to go. And then they run some tests (sometimes they run they tests the first time around), but again, they can’t misdiagnose. And let’s say they don’t and actually find the cause, they just give you another prescription. Again, simple and easy… a quick fix… a bandaid. A bandaid to cover up one wound to potentially create another, which will lead to more bandaids. Don’t forget doctors make a cut from the drugs they prescribe. So sometimes they may not even be prescribing the best one for your condition. And, that is not to say all doctors will do that, but all doctors do make a cut. So, always keep that in mind.



In addition, prescription medicine isn’t healthy for your body, because it isn’t natural. It’s formulated in a lab and, even if it helps it always comes at price. There is always a trade off, strengthening one while weakening another. So, why damage your body if it isn’t necessary?! Furthermore, whatever anything is made of is utimately it’s destruction. In other words, the problem is the solution, the solution is the problem. You take a pill to help with cholesterol, then some time goes by and you need another to help with the effects of that medicine. And, before you know it, your popping pills for one thing and pills to subside the effects of the others. And, at that point, your body can only recover with the aid of modern day medicine. For the solution, to one problem was created in the lab. 

 Therefore the solution further problems must to be created in the lab. But, note the inital problem was created by natural causes, namely lifestyle. So, had you chnged your lifestyle, you would have been able to recover without the potential of creating additional problems. Because, if a disease is formed by natural causes. And inhibiting in an organic environment (that is, the human body), it can too be destructed my natural means. Rememeber, the problem is the solution, the solution is the problem.

With that being said, Mother Nature has everything we need to overcome whatever health problems we are having; obviously, there are conditions in which that isn’t the case and proper medical attention is required. Mind you, I’m strong believer that they have found the cures for any diseases, such as cancer. They simply choose not to release it, it’s a huge income stream. But, that’s a whole other topic. Either way, it still doesn’t change the fact that Mother Nature has all we need to get healthy, be healthy and stay healthy. But, we often neglect it. Making unnecessary visits to the doctor over things we can easily assess. And uncover by ourselves without using prescription medications.

It is as simple as a lifestyle change. The difficulty is the patience and discipline required. Most of us want the quick fix, we don’t want to put in the work. Make the effort or have the patience to endure process of elimination; meaning, we don’t want to figure it out ourselves. We rather have someone prescribe something, then prolong the suffering by ruling out causes naturally. In order words, we don’t want to take the time to investigate the cause ourselves. Nor have the discipline to change our lifestyles, nor the patience to tolerate or endure process.

But again, it’s a trade off just like modern day medicine. Getting healthy takes time. The road to recovery by means of natural methods, requires patience, discipline and tolerance. And, most importantly, time. It isn’t a quick fix. But, I ask you what would you rather; a quick fix which threatens the health of that which it isn’t aiding, or a fix which is a bit more time consuming without the threat?



The problem is society has become impatience, intolerable and indiscipline, thriving on immediacy. And, what’s so mind-boggling is WE HAVE GOOGLE!! We have information at our fingerprints.Getting healthy and finding natural remedies is much easier now than ever before, and much quicker. So, why threaten and risk the health of your body as a whole by appealing to the easy solutions in life. The bandaid, which covers one problem to only create another. It is a matter of doing your research.But, here is the thing is people don’t want to use their brain and put in the time.

Again, we have Google, which information instantaneously and just sorting through it. Because of course the first thing that pops up is always the worst and usually some sort of cancer. But, if you actually do your research and don’t get caught up in the worst case scenarios. I mean, actually investigate, you will be capable avoiding unnecessary doctors and damaging your body with modern day medicine.

Let me share how I avoid unnecessary doctor visits by the process of elimination. I’m going to use real life example, something which I have been battling for close to two months now. And that is my skin reaction.


Process of Elimination

First thing is first, our health is either impacted by something internal or external. So, begin by eliminating factors of potential culprits of the cause. Look at what has changed and what has persisted. So, in my case, I moved from a cold climate (Toronto, Canada) to a hot climate by the ocean. Both environments are humid, so it isn’t the climate change per se… I’ll speak on this a bit later. But, with moving obviously my products change, my toiletries, laundry detergent, diet etc.

Once I noticed the reaction, or allergy I should call it, I started with my diet, looking at what I was ingesting. And, to be honest, there wasn’t much of a change. And if anything I’ve actually been eating much healthier than back in Toronto. In addition, the food here isn’t pumped with steroids, it is all naturally grown. The only thing that has changed has been my consumption of milk. And the milk here isn’t pasteurized; and even then, my consumption isn’t enough to create a reaction. But either way I cut it out to note the difference if any. And, there wasn’t any, the reaction got worst and flare up into a rash… an uncontrollable itchy fest, which led to raised red bumps and opened wounds.



The next thing I looked at was appearance, I ruled out bedbugs, ticks, fleas, hives, and eczema. By simply looking at pictures and comparing, concluding that it was an allergy. So, I looked at its localization. 

Noticed that the affected areas were creases, such as, under the bum, armpit, and the inside of the elbow. From there it became obvious that it is definitely something that is in contact with my skin. And the only thing that has changed in terms of skin contact is body soap and laundry detergent. It wasn’t the soap as it was a brand I’ve used before, so it was definitely the laundry detergent. The creases were the first to be affected as it is the area that comes in contact with my clothes the most; rubbing and brushing up against my skin with any sort of movement. 

Switched my laundry detergent and it definitely improved, took baths to soothe the itching. And aloe vera to minimize the redness and help heal the opened wounds. But, though it improved it didn’t fully go away. The itching still persisted and I actually found a lump in my armpit, which of course when Googled is a sign of breast cancer, but if you further investigate it is simply an inflamed lymph note, meaning it has gone bacterial.



So, the next step from there is detox, cleansing your system from all toxins and killing any and all bacteria in your body. My detox consists of two cloves of raw garlic and a piece of raw ginger piled and chopped up into pieces, along with lemon and cayenne pepper water. The garlic and ginger act as pills, you pop them as you drink the water. Don’t chew, trust me, it’s gross… just swallow as you would a pill. I did that for a week. And noticed the lump under my armpit decreasing and the redness subsiding. Bomb. Bomb. But, still not fully recovered and the itching still very much present.

And, trust me itchy skin is probably one of the most irritating conditions to deal with. You can’t concentrate due to the discomfort nor wear clothes due to further aggravation. And let’s not talk about the impact on your self-esteem. Something which I’ll wrote about an other blog, Uncomfortable Skin. But, not only does it impact your self of esteem, it can hinder your mindset as well, leaving you feeling ungrateful, frustrated and helpless; but, that is a whole other topic, something which I wrote about on another post, It Could Be Worst.

Anyways, going back, I was getting better, but at somewhat of a standstill, slowly improving and I mean very very slowly. I noticed that when I was home, the effects worsen, significantly, uncontrollable itching. Leaving me restless and incapable of doing anything, including sleeping. So, as I sat there scratching away as I attempted to work one night, I noticed the condensation build up on the windows. And, it hit me, the building materials used are completely different from Canada, they strictly use concrete -no weathering materials; and, when you are right by the ocean, the moisture and humidity gets absorbed into the concrete causing condensation. 

I did my research and found that condensation can in fact worsen the condition of skin reactions, causing further irritation and prolonging the road to recovery. Next step was to buy a dehumidifier and see what happens. And, guess what?! HUGE difference, major difference. And, done and done! No doctors needed!!

I know I might sound crazy, but think about it had I gone to the doctor, they would have given me pills. And it could have potentially helped or not, but wouldn’t heal the condition completely. Granted that the culprit prolonging recovery is the environment. Proof of that is that I actually go to the doctor and they prescribed me allergy pills. which did nothing for me. 

And was followed by that lump I told you about. And, I’m not saying that lump was the cause of the medicine. But I am saying that I ingested medicine I didn’t need, it was unnecessary as it did nothing for me. And, only cause additional work for my kidneys and liver to filter out… and who knows what other organs it could have created additional work for?! Putting additional stress on the body due to foreign and unnatural chemicals, extracts and elements. WHY?!

We are our own best doctors, it is a matter of taking to the time to listen and get to know our bodies, understanding it’s limitations. Which in turn, helps us lead healthier lives, longer lives… more satisfying lives, enjoyable lives. It takes work, control and discipline…. and whole lot of patience. It is process, it takes longer then modern day medicine.

It’s been two months for me, but those two months could give me whole lot more years in the long run. Whereas, something quick and easy, can most definitely have adverse effects in the long run. Substracting a whole lot more years or even causing years of suffering before death. 

It’s a question of whether or not you are willing to put in the work and make the effort… a question of whether or not you want the easy way out. It all comes down to the trade-off, the sacrifice and the willingness to change your lifestyle. And, remember anything and everything in life is a trade off -an exchange. So, what are you willing to invest for a bigger trade-off? Think about it. Because, it isn’t hard to be healthy, it is a choice.

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  1. they just gonna take ure vitals, send you for some tests, give you some life advice, tell you to come for a check up in 12 months and reassure they always there if you need them, love my docs

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