So, I opened a membership at the gym by my place, and if you know I’m not a gym person, the fact that I’m doing it huge… because, it’s totally not me. I’m a class kind of person, I do cardio classes, I find the gym super boring and intimidating, often feel as though I’m not doing it properly… in the right stance, poster, position, form, technique or whatever else.

As some of you know, I have been dealing with some health issues, and getting healthy is a major priority for me. As I have been battling an awful skin reaction which I wrote about in a prior post, Uncomfortable Skin and explained further in two other posts of mine How Not To Make Unnecessary Doctor Visits and It Could Be Worse. It has definitely been a struggle. Mind you, I have always been healthy and priotized healthy living, though, there are times in which I fall off the wagon. And, being that I moved, I don’t have access to the dance world… there is no dance world over here. And, that is all I really do in terms of exercising, but being in my currect condition, the gym is the only means to stay fit and healthy. So I signed up and making it a priority.

My goal is to get my split back, that is, my flexibility. I’m still pretty flexible, but I hvave definitely lost a bit of it. But, don’t get me wrong, I not only want to regain my flexibility, I would like to get back into shape and healthy. Though, I must say flexibility is everything to me, it just feels so good to stretch. The problem is I tore my left ligament a while back, due to dropping into a side left side split after a flip during a performance, and never fully recovered or stretched out back out, so my left split is terrible and extremely painful to stretch in comparsion to my right side. Plus, my stretching is different from every another person, granted I’m dancer and yogi so I bend in various directions… vary ways… and people can begin to stare and it can get awkward, causing discomfort. But, it is what it is… I guess it’s a matter of dealing and accepting, rather than paying attention. Either way, it felt great going to the gym, working out and stretching. But, it’s all a working progress, as it is getting healthy. It is a commitment , something which I wrote about in another post, Make It A Habit. Either way, it is what it is, you have to work with what you have and go for it.

The exciting part is that the gym has studio space, they host classes (zumba, spin, pilates, etc.), but it isn’t always being used. And, so of course I had to inquire about using the space for jam sessions… and maybe even hosting classes. So, I might just start teaching dance, maybe build some sort of dance community here, but who knows?! I hope too, only because I need a part time and what better than something I love and enjoy. It was quite funny, as soon as I found out that availability and made friends with one of the trainers and I had to ask. The conversation went a lot like… “yo, this space… could I use it, if no one is here teaching?”… which led to an on the spot ‘let me see you dance’ hahaha… and that’s what I did.. and, BOOM!!! I got the space!! I would have got it either way, regardless… that’s just me. My dance skills have nothing to do with it, it is a matter of availability and not disrupting other patrons. And, I’m not, so how could you say no? And, why would you? Especially if I’m paying for the use of the faculty.

So, it’s looking like something to about to start…. something is about to begin… just might be the one to bring dance to this side of the world and I’m so pretty excited about that. Don’t get me wrong I love my writing, and launching my career and all, but it feels good to purse my passion. Not that writing isn’t my passion, but it’s different. Writing allows me to express myself verbally, dancing allows me to express myself outwardly -that is, physically -externally. It actually releases and rids me of pent-up emotions in a different way than writing does, it is a completely different level of expression, more visual, more physical… rather than, intellectual and mental. Not sure how to explain exactly, it is just different.

Either way, it is all a new routine, that is the gym… and even this new chapter, it is all a new routine, a new way of living… one that is extremely different from the last. It is a huge adjustment. It’s been three weeks now, and I’m still not accustomed to the time difference, mind you, my skin reaction has been keeping me up and not allowing for much sleep, so it definitely makes it a bit more difficult to master, I should say. But, it feels good, new routines, a new way of living… it is all so fresh… so full of possibilities.

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