Was it all just part of the playbook?
Was I the rule,
Or the exception to it?
For what was it really?!

You see,
I note the difference,
See the distinction,
Just unsure where I fit in all of it,
Where we fit in it all.

For we are one in the same,
Both too stubborn,
Too stuck in our ways,
Afraid of being vulnerable,
Running away from that which we desire most.

Both wanting more,
So disturbed,
Such contradiction,
Both so twisted…

Don’t know what it is,
For you have impacted me in ways,
That the others wished that had,
That is,
Impacted me in ways,
I never thought possible,
Or should I say imaginable.

For you have disrupted me,
In ways that leave me speechless.
For your disturbance,
Is based on your lack of presence.
Maybe if you knew…
There is just something about you…

Putting smiles on my face,
In ways I can’t even explain.
I have no idea what it is,
No idea what it is about you,
That has me so intrigued.

For our souls,
Seem to speak the same language,
As our fears,
Yet our minds,
Can’t seem to move past.

We doubt,
And disengage.
For it all is too much,
And foreign.

All so complicated…

Pushing away that which we want most,
Neglecting to acknowledge that has been established,
Ignorant to the fact that,
It might just be different from the past.
It just might be the exception to the rule.
That is,
The exception which defies the past,
And defines future.

How do we know?
When do we know,
That we are the exception,
And not the rule?!

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