You have proven to be
No different…
No different from that,
Which you have
Conjured so much hatred toward.

The lies,
The falsities,
And the ill representation
That was once spread about one
Are the very same kind
You speak of another.

Doing the very thing
You so despise,
The very thing you fought against…
Doing the same thing
You claimed never to do.
The same injustice,
Acting in the same way
Your enemy once did
And still does.

Difference is,
We knew,
I knew,
Who and what,
It was.
For they made it known,
Whereas you hide
Behind a false image,
Disguised in a veil of righteousness,
Creeping from behind,
And hitting it…
Hitting it where it hurts most.
Claiming to want more,
Yet unwilling to do the work,
For you are no different.

Rather than,
Learning from that which has been done,
You have learned to continue…
Continue along the same path.
That is,
You have learned how to do…
Do that which has been done to you,
That which you so desperately fought against.

I bow,
Bow at your deception
Of that which you hold true,
Or should I say,
That which you claim to hold true.
For you are no different,
No different than the enemy you face.
Embodying the very the being
Of your enemy’s existence,
Wearing the same face.
Illustrating just how easy it is to turn,
Yet wondering why it is they have turned.

Such irony…

So I thank you,
Thank you for showing me,
Proving that the only one I have…
Is me.

For I once thought I knew you,
Had you in my corner,
But now I know,
I don’t…
Alone once again
By a hand set to protect me.

A plot twist…
One I never saw coming…

At least not from you…

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