You will never know,
How much you mean to me,
For I will never tell you,
Due to fear.

I will never know,
How much I mean to you,
For the very same reasons…

For we are one and same,
Both stubborn.
Set in our ways,
For we acknowledge it,
See it,
Are aware of it.
Yet ignore yet.

How we have yet come to realize,
Realize the reality of things.
That is,
Just how much our souls connect.

That we have yet to accept,
Accept what it is…

We will never know,
Know how much we meant to each other.

For we hide,
Or should I say conceal,
Thinking we are protecting ourselves,
Are we really?!
Or are we blocking ourselves?
Stopping ourselves?

We will never know,
For neither of us is willing to jump…

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