There comes a point,
A point where we need to let go,
A point where we must embrace who we are,
What we are,
Why we are.
A point where enough is enough,
And we must say good bye,
Good bye to all that we know,
In order to welcome all that we will be.

For life can’t go on,
By living in the past,
For there comes a point,
A point where we must let go,
Though it’s hard,
And it will be lonely,
But it must be done,
Or else we will never move forward.

For we can’t revive a plant that is dead,
But we can plant a new one,
And should you not decide to dig the hole with me,
I must dig it myself.
Because I’m ready,
Ready to let go,
Move past and build something new.

It will be hard,
Hard without your guidance,
Your support,
Your love,
Easy without your negativity,
Your belittlement,
Your means of bullying.

For I’m no longer the excuse,
The escape goat to all your problems,
The reason why you can’t move forward.

For I have grown,
I have learned to embrace who I am,
And all my mistakes.
I blame no one for them.

And as you make it difficult to grow,
To move pass,
To succeed,
I will continue to rise,
As I have risen in past.

For I’m no longer here to ask for your forgiveness,
Your understanding,
Nor your respect,
For I know I’ll never be worthy.
Please continue,
Continue to make difficulties out of nothingness,
Because in the end I will rise,
As I always have.

For I’m here for a reason,
Cheated death twice,
And that isn’t a coincidence,
So I will fight,
Fight like I always have.
But this time,
I’m no longer fighting for your love,
Your approval,
Your acceptance,
This time I fight for me,
For my sanity.

For I have endured far to much,
To allow myself to fall victim,
To that which has entrapped for years.

And though,
It’s hard,
For I’m not only letting go of all the bad,
But I’m also letting go of all the good.
As much as that hurts,
It is the thing that will keep me sane.

I let go.
I let go from all that,
All that which has imprisoned me,
For years,
And that which has brought me joy.
For it is the only I can go on,
The only way I can move forward.

For I longer live in the past,
I live in the now.
So I let go,
Let go of all that was,
Of all that is,
And should you meet me on the other side,
I’ll be there waiting.
I love you!

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