Wish I knew,
But my heart is split into two,
Caught between the place I love and you.

And as I reach,
I don’t know what to do.

For I am lost,
Lost in this world of love,
Which you know nothing of.

And though,
I want you close,
You are so far away,

Your reluctance toward emotion,
Has created more pain,
Than happiness,
More suffering,
Than rejoicing.
Yet it is the only path you choose.

I let go,
Let go of all that was,
For I created a romanticized version of you,
Hopeful in a sense.
For you have yet to feel,
To know,
This world of love,
As I do.

Here I am,
Lost in this world of love…
Longing to be desired,
From the one who knows nothing of,
This thing we call love.

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