8 Ways To Know How He Feels About You

Men are very different than us woman, we express ourselves vary different than they do. And, sometimes it can be difficult to understand and read the men in our lives. To know whether or not they truly care or if it’s just a fly by kind of thing. As we get older, we come to understand just how precious time really is. And the importance in not investing energy into that with isn’t worthy. So, I’m here to offer you eight ways on how to know how he feels about you.

1. Ask Questions

He makes in effort in getting to know you, who you and why you are. He wants to know not only about you can offer, but why. What make you become the woman you are today. The good, the bad and the ugly. He wants to understand you on a different level, so he asks questions not only what the present moment, but past moments. Now, I’m not saying he digs deep, but he makes an effort to understand the root cause of the thought process of your actions. Rather than be guided by assumptions and judgments. So, he asks about your day, why is it you prefer this over that, what it is you enjoy more. Simple, meaningless questions, yet questions that reveal more than you could imagine.


2. Flirts Innocently

There are two ways of flirting, sexual flirting and innocent flirting. Now, it’s normal to throw out sexual jokes here and there. But if that is the only way that flirting occurs between the two of you, then you know what it is. But, if he flirts innocently with you. Poking at your silliness, making fun of your ridiculousness, and full out breaking balls just to make you laugh than you know it’s something different. He might send you ridiculous jokes, make fun filled comments just to put a smile on your face. And that is how you know it’s something more.


3. Pays Attention

It’s one thing to engage in a conversation, but it’s another thing to listen to that which is being discussed. That is, paying attention to what is being said. If he remembers what you said, follows up with what you said. It shows he was actually listening and he has interest in what it is you discuss. Whether to be about goals, likes, dislikes, wants, needs or simple meaningless conversations. If he ever reiterates prior conversations; it means he actually cares enough to listen, absorb and retain that which you two have engaged in.


4. Shows Interest

He asks about your day, your goals, your interests and your passions. He is expresses genuine interest in what it is the makes you happy, makes you smile, which sets your soul on fire. If he offers not only supports but helps toward obtaining that which you desire, your dreams and your hopes. He actively engages with all that which is you, all that makes you unique, makes you different from than rest. Whether it be from being involved or asking questions in the activities that you partaken. Such as liking posts and offering advice and opinion, their active engagement expresses their interest in you.


5. Honest & Opened

Now, it is very hard for men to open up about how they feel, even us women for that matter, for it makes us vulnerable and that can be a very scary thing, especially if someone has been hurt before or has a damaged past. So, it isn’t matter of him sharing his feelings or emotions with you, it is a matter of him sharing where he stands, sharing where he is at. Even if it isn’t what you want to hear, the fact that he is even able to share it with you shows that he wants to be honest. And if he wants to be honest it illustrates that there is something more. 

Note there is a difference between being straight up honest and genuine, and making excuses, once he starts making excuses. That is, giving reasons for why this and why that, claiming his inability commitment or move forward then you know that there is a wall that is holding him back. And the only question from there that needs to be asked is, if he will ever be willing to break that wall for you.


6. Consoles You

As I said, it is not easy for men to deal with feelings and emotions, and so it can be extremely difficult for them to help you with yours. But, it is a matter of listening and just being thee. The fact that they willing to put themselves in an uncomfortable situation shows that you mean more to than which they are comfortable with. Some men on the other hand are completely okay with handling emotions and feelings. But the fact they are willing to offer support and guidance shows their commitment to how they feel about you. But note, consoling is different for all individuals, for some it means listening for others is means advice. So be sure to open your mind to their way of consoling you.


7. Finds Ways & Reasons

He finds reasons to talk to you, to strike up a conversation. Finds ways to see you, whether intentionally or accidentally. He makes it happen, determined to be a part of your life, be present in your life, whether it be physically or mentally, it makes an effort. And, it could be the smallest of gestures, in the most meaningless of ways, which are actually the most significant. The fact that he is taking the time to be a part, be involved, present in your life shows there is something more than just a fly by kind of thing.


8. Silliness & Ridiculousness

We all have our silly, ridiculous, somewhat child side that still resides in us, and if he is able to show you that side of himself, it means he is comfortable with you. If he is able to be himself without the worry of judgment and assumptions. And as are you without receiving judgement of assumptions illustrates his openness with you. As well as his willingness to actually get to know you aside from all that. He shows he is opened to creating something different. A he isn’t being super serious but rather more causal, allowing the situation to be more comfortable and an easy transition into something more. In others, it is the brewing of a friendship before all else.

The important this to note from all of this is that he just really wants to see you smile. Because seeing you smile puts a smile on his face and that means more to him than anything else. Being able to be there for you, making you laugh and hold you close when you need it most is everything and more to him. So, pay attention to signs and remember everyone loves differently, express themselves differently relative to who they are and why they are. But now that you have the basics to understanding the distinction between something more and just a fly by. You will be able to structure yourself according and protect the most precious things which is your heart, time and energy.

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