The one you long for,
The one you crave,
Is miles away.

The one you want to hold to you,
So close,
Is no where close,
For he is all you want,
Yet impossible to have.

And it hurts,
For all you want is his love,
His affection,

Even if he doesn’t know it,
He means everything and more.

And yet part of you,
Can’t help but feel,
That every love story,
Has a tragic ending.

Yet another part,
Holds on,
Hoping without knowing,
Without knowing that which he feels.

That which you know he must feel,
Yet too afraid to admit,
Too afraid to be vulnerable.

For it is a sad,
A sad story,
Knowing how much someone cares for you,
Yet unable to admit it.

A sad story,
Knowing how much you care,
Without the courage to speak it.

For you can help guide them to speak their truth,
But it is up them to be willing to do so.

And it hurts,
Hurts knowing how much you care,
How much they care.

Neither side able to move pass,
Unable to give themselves to someone else,

For they have your heart,
The only one in your soul,
The one you hold dear,
Dear to your spirit.

For they are the only one,
The only one that you see,
The only one you want close.

For you gave your heart to them,
Without you even knowing,
For it happened in a blink of an eye.

In ways,
For they are the one.

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