playing games

Playing Games

Here we are again,
Playing games,
The same games we once did,
That is,
Back in high school,
Or should I say grade school.

That game of tag,
You’re it,
Well the thing is,
I’ve been it,
Been it for a while now,
Now it’s your turn.

For I’m done,
Done listening to the silence,
For silence doesn’t speak,
But accepts,
Persists that which is,
Rather than,
That which you desire.

Should you be done,
Playing games,
For your silence,
Gives nothing to hold on to,
Your games,
Offer me nothing to live by,
So tell what is it that you want?

If it’s game,
I’m out,
But if it’s real,
I’m in.

For there no use in holding on,
When there is nothing to hold on too.

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