For it’s been you,
Always been you,
For you had my heart,
The moment I met you.
Not the first time,
Most definitely the second.

The conversation,
Our flirtation,
Hit something,
Touched me in some way,
Our souls interacted,
With one and other,
For a period of time,
It was such a short lived beauty.
Regardless of it all,
My heart lies with you.
For our souls engaged,
On such a different level.

You know it,
I know it,
But yet nothing comes of it?!


Part of me feels insane,
For I have devoted my heart,
To that which shows no love…
To you.

And as you sit there in silence,
Without me knowing you care,
I stay dedicated,
Connected in someway.
For I can’t help it,
You have imprinted yourself,
Into my being,
My heart,
My soul.

Who are you?!

How have you managed,
To do such damaged?
Have such impact?
For you are the first,
That has me so twisted.

And though,
I want to let go,
I can’t,
As it stands,
My heart is yours.

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